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MotionCam Security Camera Fully Working (JAVA)

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MotionCam Security Camera Fully Working (JAVA)

Post by adj1993 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:12 am

"MotionCam enables your mobile phone to be used as a security camera by detecting motion and activities in the surrounding environment through the mobile phone's camera using motion detection technology. Photos are captured whenever there are moving objects detected by the camera and stored for your reference. You can use it to protect the safety of your properties. MotionCam is convenient to set up and easy to deploy, ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. You can also use it to capture photos discreetly without you being present. Nature lover will also find this a very convenient tool for them to capture images of nature. "

But it is not FUL Version ...

Download from here

Trick to activate MotionCam using google:

(17 * 0000 + 0x15f91) / 7 + (11 * 0000 + 9001) % 19 + 5 * 0000 + 911

Just change all 0000 into the activation code shown on your phone, then copy paste this in google.com click search.

It will give you the Unlock code for this app.

Really cool trick to get the activation code for free

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